About Us

Hastelsan - Panel Fence Wire Mesh LTD. ŞTİ. It started its first production in 1994 in Aksaray Central Industrial Zone with the production of annealed wire and mesh wire. Our company, which has increased its product range in a short time, after Annealed Wire, Dipped Galvanized Wire, Armor Wire, PVC Coated Wire, Copper Coated Wire, Steel Wire Mesh, Ribbed-Flat-Galvanized Rod, Flat Bar, Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Oiled Bale Wire, Various Specifications It produces many products such as Panel Fence, Mesh Fence Wire and offers it to its customers with its own capital.In 2011, Aksaray OSB continues to produce quality with more than 200 professional team in 20.000m2 closed area and 25.000m2 open area by investing in New Industrial Zone. Our company, with a monthly production of 8000 tons, has become the largest manufacturer in its sector in the Central Anatolia Region with 2019 data. Determining and targeting its production and sales policy for export, our company has managed to prove its quality by exporting to 73 countries around the world by increasing its stable production, quality and domestic market share day by day since the first day of production. Hastelsan's corporate strategy increases its production speed and quality day by day with its technology, R&D, machinery and equipment track that keeps up with the developing world. Achieving a rapid exit trend in a short time with principled work, quality workmanship and maximum attention to customer satisfaction, our company is able to instantly respond to customer requests by always taking into account the demands of customers. Since its establishment, it has become the first choice company status, leaving behind many companies in its sector in Turkey and the world with its determined, self-confident and domestic capital. Hastelsan is rapidly progressing to become a world brand in 73 countries to which it exports, surpassing Turkey, and it is just and proud of being the Most Stable and quality manufacturer of Turkey in its sector. It always aims to produce quality by reflecting our 50 years of knowledge, experience and experience to many products we produce.